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At Foundmytreasure - FMT we believe marriage is a union ordained by God from the beginning of creation between one man and one woman. In Genesis 2:18 And the LORD God said, it is not good that man should be alone; I will make a help meet for him, so woman was made solely for a man and further down same Genesis when man saw the beautiful creature (woman) that God has made for him which he brought to him like a father giving out her daughter’s hand in marriage to a stranger to take care-of the rest of his life, the man marveled! Genesis 2:22-24 And the rib which the LORD God had taken from the man He made, formed into a woman, and He brought her and presented her to the man. Then Adam said this is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. For this reason, a man shall leave his father and his mother, and shall be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh.

We also believe that every woman was created for a man, meaning each man on earth today has a missing rib somewhere which is a woman and he needs to find her. Proverbs 18:22 He who finds a true and faithful wife finds a good thing and obtains favor and approval from the LORD. If the man continues to look for his missing rib without praying to God first for direction on how to locate her, he will keep marrying the wrong woman and live in perpetual pain because they were not meant for each other. But when a man prays and has a mental picture of how his missing rib (wife) looks like, what attributes he desires to find in her, his search will be painless because every other thing will fall in place.

A woman is a treasure to a man and that’s why every man goes searching for that one woman to complete him (Ladies, there’s nothing wrong in searching for that man for you or proposing to that man that don’t have the courage to propose or he is waiting for the right time after 8years of being together, remember you know what you want, why not go for it before he proposes to your best friend?). Without a woman in the life of a man, the man might have billions of dollars in the bank, but that vacuum still remains in his life which only his God ordained wife can fill. Have you ever taken a break as a man and thought to yourself why your fat bank accounts, multiple sex partners, good food, beautiful and fast cars just do not fill that empty space in your heart than a good and faithful wife will? God made marriage to be eternal because there are blessing that comes with it, which are children, happiness, joy, peace of mindand that is why it is important for a man to be married to his God ordained woman to enjoy these blessings.

The main stream media, most if not all dating websitesout there and Hollywood film makers promotes donkey years dating and cohabiting calling it “marriage”. Hollywood says it’s okay to have a fling while you’re married because life’s too short, it says it’s okay to have multiple sex partners because you will not know what you’re missing by sticking to your spouse, it’s okay for a man to have children by dozens of women, it’s okay to marry a woman and in 6 months divorced her because women are just like cloths (wear, looks good on you, out of fashion and dump), it’s okay to be married and be separated because you need some space for little arguments that occurred, it’s okay to be married and have a side chick. The people in these practices suffers the most because everything have cause and consequences and main stream mediacontinues to makethe most money out of these adults that falls for these kind of lies. All of the above mentioned practices come with some form of heartbreaks, everyday living in pain and waste of resources.

The internet today is filled with all sorts of dating websites with the intensions to keep adult singles dating forever because they are not marriage centered. It promotes double accounts creation, using someone else’s pictures as yours, married and on a dating website(s), paid actors who appears to be single but are either in a relationship in real life or even married, half naked photos of women, people in Malaysia, Africa or Middle East claiming to be in American at the same time and nothing is being done to alleviate these fake profiles.

Many women have lost their life savings to scammer/419ners, sending emails back and forth for a long period of time with no real connections, years and years of long distant dating with nothing to show for it at the end of the day, registered sex offenders with multiple profiles of other people’s photos and no way these dating website can tell the difference or are willing to spend the money to improve the dating experience of their users, child predators posing as a single male looking for love, unverifiable ages of users which allows for teens to be on dating websites and put their lives in danger or might end up becoming prostitutes and eventually sold into sex slavery.Married men that are male escorts, over billing people because they have access to their credit cards, most claim they promote love which in real sense lust is what is being promoted because they failed to sensor prostitutes from using their so called dating website as a meeting place to find clients, identity impersonation i.e. people claiming to be in the US Army and on a military base somewhere in IRAQ and phones are not allowed on their so called military bases but they were traveling and now stuck in Katar and will have scammed a lot of ladies their live savings via Western Union/bank transfer. These dating website are meeting place for cartels, drug dealers, wanted criminals with another person’s photos, you can hardly tell who you’re really communicating with it because someone might be 4ft5in and states they 6ft3in and will always avoid meeting in person, someone might be missing a limb(s) but Photoshop limbs and post the Photoshoped pictures on a dating website.

Most women adults ready to marry don’t go on these dating websites because they don’t feel safe; thereby staying single for years and years and you can hardly date someone from your city because even though most of these website show someone is in your city but they might be 1000miles away from you and much more.

All the above mentioned photo-based dating website problems is what we at Foundmytreasure - FMT are here to fix.Foundmytreasure - FMT one and only goal is to help single adult get married within months of joining our platform, because there’s no point in dating a lady for 7-11years without proposing to her because by doing so you’re deterring her from other ready suitors and remember men, women are not commodities to be bargained on or tossed around.

If you’ve been a member on Foundmytreasure - FMT for over 18months, we will email you if you need some professional dating help to refer you to, that way you don’t stay looking or dating forever like the other dating websites promotes. Foundmytreasure is first of its kind where marriage is our end goal and every of our staff breaths our motto “I love her | I submit to him”, because we believe every male or female on any dating website are looking for one thing which is to get married eventually if it all works out between them, except for the time the pretender time wasters with fake profiles. On Foundmytreasure - FMT, every contents are video-based, user profiles are video-based, messages are video-based, communicating after profile is approved are all video-based, our success stories are video-based, the 501c financially responsible partners testimonials are all video-based, the first ever marriage centered platform where male and female are background checked if they select to which gives all users more reason to trust people on our platform, first ever marriage centered platform that sees women for what they are (a treasure), the first ever marriage centered platform that you can actually tell what the other person looks like before sending or accepting a connection request, our accurate location algorithms built into the app, brings confidence to our users that the person they are about to connect with actually lives in their city and after connecting, real in person meeting is a thing of reality. First ever platform where registered sex offenders will not have the guts to create video-based profiles, no married men or women alike can create a profile on our platform, multiple profiles are not permittedon our platform, first ever platform where people with real life long time marriage experience are allowed to send in their video-based testimonials and are posted weekly for our users to learn from, first ever platform that believes men should be the ones going after women by paying for membership if they’re truly serious about getting married and free for all women, the first ever platform that donates 10% of every sign-up fee from men to their chosen charity to support hungry children of widows, disabled children, physically challenge children, the first ever platform that filters out teenage profiles for their own safety, the first ever platform that seniors can find love again within their neighborhood or city and be remarried with their new found love.

Foundmytreasure - FMT is not after people’s money but rather the joy of seeing adult singles been happily married is why this platform exists. Its founder saw how men and women are being scammed of their money all because they fell in love with photos of a stranger and the ratio of unmarried women to men which is astronomically wide and teenage girls being sold into sex slavery on dating websitesand thought to himself, all of these have got to stop.